Virus, Malware, Adware, and malicious software removal

Includes removal of current infection and installation and update of software
(Does NOT include cost of any premium software)
Computer running slow? Have strange pop-ups that tell you you're infected but when you try to scan it nothing changes? Bring it in and we'll clean it out for you. (Small disclamer here. Some infections are so bad the only way to fix it is reinstall your operating system. If that becomes necessary you will be asked first and only charged for the reinstall not both.)

Home Networking

Billed per hour (most jobs under one hour)
Have more than one computer you would like to get on the internet? Need WiFi for your phones or laptop? Give us a call and we can install a router and if need be run LAN cables to your other divices. We can also configure all your WiFi divices. Printers, cell phones, laptops, PDA's, game consoles and anything else you can think of.

Windows Reinstall

Applies to any version of Windows
Computer running very slow and malware removal just isn't enough? Give us a call and we will reload Windows for you and get your system back to its "fresh from the factory" state. Includes backup of original state, installation of Windows, and installation of drivers. You will need to reinstall all your programs afterwards or we can take care of that too. Windows Updates will be set to automatic and will complete after a few days.

Broken laptop screen replacement

Replacement screens usually run from $50-$150
Broken Screen? No problem! Just stop in or we'll come buy and get the exact part number for your screen and get you an exact quote. A few days later you'll have yourself a fully functional laptop again.
(Due to the extremly high number of different screens that exist screens are ordered for each job and not kept in stock. Turnaround usually is no longer than 5-7 business days due to shipping times, however, may be expedited at the cost of the customer.)

Loose/Broken laptop Hinge or DC-jack

Due to the varied nature of these issues an exact quote can not be given until it has been examined.
Loose or broken hinges on your laptop can cause breakage to the screen if left un-repaired. The DC-jack is an obvious problem and can usually be resolved within a day and returned to you. (Sometimes, however, the jack is broken beyond repair and the internal parts need to be replaced. This is very rare.)

Laptop batteries and chargers

Universal, OEM, or aftermarket. Your choice.
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